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Writing Clients

From Carrie Yutzy, Web Producer at LegalZoom.com, Inc.:

“Michelle consistently provides well written, well thought-out pieces. Her content is informative and accessible, which is impressive considering she writes about complex legal issues. She has a real gift for delivering thorny content in clear, simple language. She is easy to work with, communicative, and professional. She is one of the most dependable writers I’ve worked with.”

From Jennifer Kelly, Editor and Copywriter at Adchemy:

“Michelle is an all-star freelance writer. She consistently submits great work — from Web content to feature articles — that involves the right degree of research and personality. Most importantly, Michelle instinctively “gets” the assignment and is a pleasure to work with. I’ve hired Michelle repeatedly over the past two years for a variety of writing assignments, and I highly recommend her to anyone searching for reliable, organized, quality work.”

From Patrick Gavin, SEO Expert and Co-founder of Text Link Ads:

“I have used Michelle for top quality content creation. Highly recommended.”

From Ron Ashri, Webmaster and Editor, Italy Magazine:

“Michelle can deliver interesting stories with just the right tone for our audience – informative and entertaining – in a timely fashion. She is creative in the choice of subjects and diligent in her research of the subject. A pleasure to work with.”

From Claire Martin, Editor, easyJet Inflight Magazine:

“Michelle has been an absolute joy to work with – perfect copy and always on deadline.”

Editing Clients

From Jennifer Criswell, author of At Least You’re in Tuscany:

“I feel very fortunate that my memoir was edited by Michelle. Her meticulous attention to detail and ability to get in the head of the author made working with her a delight. Authors need a lot of hand holding and reassurance; I found Michelle to be adept at both. She is also a good listener and flexible enough that you can argue points with her and she is always willing to consider them.”

From Diana Strinati Baur, author of True Vines:

“My debut novel, True Vines, never would have been the book it was destined to become without Michelle’s involvement. She has clear, sensible ideas combined with a deep understanding of language, inference, and nuance. For me, what sets her apart is her very unique ability to communicate with the writer. She is at once empathetic, kind, and strong — and very smart. Michelle brings out the best in both the writer and the project she’s editing because she is a true collaborator. I can’t imagine not working with Michelle on future writing projects. She’s just the best.”

From Gail Noble Sanderson, author of My Lavender House in Meuse:

“Michelle’s superb editing skills turn a good manuscript into a great one! She is collaborative, supportive, knowledgeable and personable. I look forward to working with her on future projects.”

From Darla Bruno, writer and editor, DarlaBruno.com:

“Michelle is an astute and fluent editor. Her work on my article was exactly what I needed–someone to pick up nuances of my writing and to assist me in finding the right words, cut the fat, and make my piece better overall.”

From Jess in Boston, Law School Applicant:

“Words are not enough to express how thankful I am! Michelle’s comments were not only helpful but also motivating and encouraging. ‘Non traditional’ students need more Michelle’s around. She went beyond her call of duty.”

From Tony in Wisconsin, Law School Applicant:

“Michelle was wonderful in critiquing my personal statement for law school applications. She provided in-depth feedback while offering support for her changes and was very helpful in her responses. Michelle was able to assist me in expanding on ideas I had started to pursue but not yet fully developed. I would highly recommend Michelle’s services to all potential law school applicants.”