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Michelle’s strongest strengths as a writer are her abilities to:

  • Break down complicated ideas so they’re easily accessible to everyone;
  • Make readers feel as if they’re in good hands and getting information from a friend; and
  • Research and write intelligently on just about any topic.

No matter the topic assigned, Michelle can deliver authoritative copy in the tone you desire whether it be chatty, academic, or somewhere in between. And if you’re concerned with SEO, she’s got that covered as well.

As an editor, Michelle strives to retain your voice while making your project as clear and concise as possible.

Services offered include:


  • Novel Manuscripts
  • Nonfiction Manuscripts
  • Book Proposals
  • e-Books
  • Grant Proposals
  • Italian to English Translations (including website copy)
  • College Essays
  • Law Review Articles (including cite checking, Bluebook form, etc.)
  • Law School Personal Statements
  • Queries
  • Speeches/Presentations
  • Synopses
  • Website Content
  • White Papers
Writing (either with a byline or as a ghostwriter):

  • Articles
  • Books
  • Blog Posts/Guest Blog Posts
  • e-Books
  • Essays
  • Law Review Articles
  • Opinion/Editorial Pieces
  • Web Content with SEO Optimization

Writing and Editing Rates:

Please contact Michelle for price estimates for writing and editing projects as they vary by assignment. Please provide a brief description of the proposed project, including type and approximate length and time estimations, if any.

Also, if you are an author, agent, or publisher seeking a book review, please be in touch.